Your Family Matters Deserve a Lawyer Who Cares


You and your family have gone through a great deal together. There have been many ups and downs, but nothing has been as crazy as recent events. Fighting on different sides in a legal conflict is probably something new to you, and for the other members of your family who are involved. But you can rest easy knowing you have the best lawyer for the case, when you employ the Law Office of Shayna K. Cavanaugh. P.A.

Our family law attorney in Naples, Florida has over 20 years of experience in the field, helping a number of individuals and their families with their cases. You can come to our lawyer for assistance with:

Divorce - contested and uncontested
Filing for Divorce
Domestic Violence
Parenting Issues and Parenting Plans
Child Support, including modifications
Child Custody
Extended family custody issues
Equitable Distribution

Social Security Benefits

Our attorney can also assist with personal injury cases. Whatever it takes for you to get back on track, our attorney will provide the quality legal assistance to make it happen.

Going through a divorce proceeding can be complicated and emotional. Whether you are dealing with parenting issues, child support, alimony, or equitable distribution the issues can be overwhelming. But when you have the Law Office of Shayna K. Cavanaugh, P.A. by your side, things will be a little easier to handle.

Reach out to our family law attorney in Naples, Florida right now to start working on your case.